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St Michael’s Meals started in June 2016 with a small band of supporters. We’d put the home-cooked meals, fruit and water in the boots of our cars and head down to Central to meet our new-found friends, the homeless. They claimed we gave them the best food in Sydney!


Today, we provide 120 hampers a week, have over 90 members, and our two vans travel to Central and Martin Place each Wednesday, with new locations such Darlinghurst and Newtown earmarked for the near-future.


With Fr. Gerges Albutros, at the helm, we have home cooks, local restaurants, families, parishioners and other volunteers supporting us.


Through our special relationship with the Food Bank N.S.W., we are able to obtain the necessary ingredients and fresh produce for certain meals. We are now starting to deliver food parcels to families in need.

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