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St Michael's Cathedral

St Michael's Cathedral: a home, a window, a gateway


St Michael’s Melkite Catholic Cathedral is your spiritual home, always happy to welcome you. When you visit it, you have the opportunity to open your heart, think aloud, explore, propose, exchange and advocate. You can truly be yourself. The love your Cathedral has for you is genuine and unconditional.


If you want to know more about the ‘bigger picture’, a window is reserved for you, to glance through it. It offers you an opportunity to look through the eyes of others. Your concerns and challenges are taken care of.


If you are looking for social involvement, St Michael's Parish is your gateway to meeting Jesus in the midst of the wider community. In it, there is a place for everyone: the seniors, the youth, the explorers of the Bible, the choir, the homeless...


St Michael’s Melkite Catholic Cathedral is indeed a home for us all.


We celebrate the Divine Liturgy in English/Arabic every Sunday at 10:30am, which is preceded by an extract of the Akathist of the Theotokos. The first Sunday of every month the Divine Liturgy is dedicated for families and is celebrated in English.


For new visitors, St Michael’s Melkite Catholic Cathedral is located at 25 Golden Grove St., Darlington NSW 2008.

Faith, Hope and Love

A poem by Fr. Gerges Albutros

Chin up dear friend, we can be proud

We are in Christ, let us sing out loud

We are rescued, we have been found

For all is about faith, hope and love


Your faith in practice will display

Your love for others in every way

To nourish our hearts, we love and pray

For all is about faith, hope and love


Nurture your care through endless love

In spirit we can fly high like a dove

And always rely on God’s grace from above

For all is about faith, hope and love

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