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Serving with love

Thank you for visiting the St Michael’s Meals website. We set out thinking we were going to try and love those in need. Turns out we were the ones who received love, we were the ones inspired! Our mission is to reflect the love of our Lord Jesus to the lost, the homeless, the sick and the elderly. We want you to journey with us. Our aim with  this website is to keep you updated on what we are doing, offer you an insight into the lives of those who are struggling, give a voice to those in need, and show you the practical ways that you can help. Do you have a talent like cooking? Do you have a skill? Can you donate some time, Can you contribute financially? Can you pray for us? Do you have any ideas? We want to hear from you! So, dear reader, welcome to this website. Our prayer is that, just like us, you too will be inspired!

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Friendship and meals served
with love


Mission Statement

Members of St Michael's Meals treat others with unconditional positive regard,
listen to them with care and empathy, and are genuine in offering their services.

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Our motivation emerges from Jesus' teachings

35: For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink,


37: ‘Lord when did we see you hungry and fed you, or thirsty and gave you something to drink?


40: The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of my brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

Angel's Network

Three categories of volunteers have enabled St Michael's Meals to provide its weekly commitment with the homeless at Central Station Sydney. 

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A group of committed volunteers who prepare a rich variety of homemade food and deliver on Wednesday afternoons to St Michael’s Cathedral.




A group of empathetic volunteers who are committed to join weekly the convoy that transport the food. At Central Station and Martin Place, they set up their tables where they display food, fruits, water, sweets and clothing. The volunteers who distribute have a welcoming attitude, high listening skills and noticeable warmth.




This group represents the generous members, who offer their support whether financial or moral.

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What our members say

Jack Bettar (Volunteer)

When I first started volunteering with St Michael's Meals, I was a little apprehensive as it would be my first encounter with some of the people who might be suffering from homelessness, mental health issues or drug addiction. However, the prospect of providing a hot meal, sharing a conversation and the encouraging nature of my fellow volunteers put me at ease. Many of the homeless await this visit each week and are familiar with the volunteers, some telling their friends about our initiative. After setting up the tables and handing out our delicious and nutritious food, it was immediately obvious that most of these people wanted to share a conversation more than to simply take a hamper or meal. Each week, I have unforgettable and humbling moments that alter and shape my understanding of social problems that exist in the city that we call fortunate and flourishing.


“We give but receive so much more.”
“We create relationships that make a difference in both ways.”
“We exchange real affection and enjoy a new spirit of camaraderie.”

You too can support in many ways Reaching Out, Preparing Meals, Donating Money!!

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